Something out of this world is on its way!

Fuck those guys that want to keep charging more and more for features no one uses, while shilling their market places. Fuck those guys that ignore user requests for features. Fuck those guys that cancel their users for practicing free speech. We're not those guys. We're the people your parents warned you about.

Trust me. We're way more professional in areas your customers will see than we are with you. Being an admin is boring. Lets have some fun with it.

So what is this shit? It's rootPanel bitch. Consider this main site under construction until some future date to named. Just a place holder page. While we work on the guts. rootPanel is a replacement for a certain other panel the has raised its prices twice in the last year with feature requests still open for a decade. I will return my focus to designing this site when the rest of the project is in an alpha state. Expect FULL featured DNS servers (WITH DNSSEC BITCH. IT ISN'T THAT HARD TO ADD). Modern http2/3 protocol servers. Uses standard repository packages readily available in most distros with a LTS branch (You can do a roller if you want but that shit is up to you when it breaks and it will). Using modern Python3 in the back end for scripting(not an ancient version of perl back patched 1000s of times. Yeahhhhhh. You know who you are.) Fully featured email server, that ACTUALLY learns when you click spam/not-spam (I'm looking at you gmail. If I can do it. Why can't you?) Designed to be lightweight, speedy, and secure.